Cannabis Liberation Day 2017 photo selection: pick your favorite and win! PART 8

Here’s the 8th and final part of the official Cannabis Liberation Day 2017 photo selection for you to enjoy. Now that all 8 parts have been published, you can pick your favorite picture, mail the number in the caption and you might win 2 VIP tickets for next year’s anniversary edition…

Thanks again to our main sponsor Amsterdam Genetics, our official partners PCN, Sensi Seeds, Canna and De Baron, our supporters and volunteers for making the 9th Cannabis Liberation Day on June 11 such a wonderful event. Thanks also to the photographers who have contributed to the photo selection: Hanspij, Rootsman Bob, Floris van Kooten, Steef Fleur, Roelof Rump, Mauro Picavet and Derrick Bergman.

Photo contest: win 2 VIP tickets for next year!
This is how it works: the official Cannabis Liberation Day 2017 photo selection consists of 220 pictures by seven photographers that have been published on the VOC website in eight parts. Every photo has a number in the caption. Pick your favorite photo and mail the number in to We will choose a lucky winner who will receive two VIP tickets for next year’s 10th anniversary edition on June 10, 2018.
Please mail your choice before August 1st, 2017. Good luck!

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Cannabis Liberation Day 2017 official photo selection Part 8 of 8:

193 – It’s a male plant (Photo: Derrick Bergman)
194 – Marcel de Wit of Maripharm outside the Cannabis University (Photo: Derrick Bergman)
195 – Son Mieux before their performance (Photo: Rootsman Bob)
196 – The antique chain caroussel, powered by Boerejongens (Photo: Derrick Bergman)
197 – The field around 20.30 (Photo: Derrick Bergman)
198 – The field around 20.30 (Photo: Derrick Bergman)
199 – Jakobien of Azarius at the VIP Entrance (Photo: Derrick Bergman)
200 – The Dubbeez packing up (Photo: Rootsman Bob)
201 – The bubble ladies taking a break in the VIP tent, overlooked by Koos Zwart (Photo: Derrick Bergman)
202 – DC Lama rolling a sjekkie (Photo: Rootsman Bob)
203 – Chilling in the VIP tent, Europe’s largest non-permanent Ger (Photo: Derrick Bergman)
204 – Queing for a Highlife Cup sample (Photo: Derrick Bergman)
205 – Rick Simpson speaking on the main stage (Photo: Derrick Bergman)
206 – Rick Simpson speaking on the main stage. The banner at the top of the stage translates as: homegrowing free, backdoor open! (Photo: Derrick Bergman)
207 – Rick Simpson speaking on the main stage (Photo: Derrick Bergman)
208 – Rick Simpson speaking on the main stage (Photo: Derrick Bergman)
209 – VOC honorary chairman Henk Poncin (left) and volunteer Anthoney (Photo: Derrick Bergman)
210 – Dutch band Son Mieux (Photo: Derrick Bergman)
211 – Dutch band Son Mieux (Photo: Derrick Bergman)
212 – Dutch band Son Mieux (Photo: Derrick Bergman)
213 – ‘Green Ambassador’ Darpan and Dutch band Son Mieux (Photo: Derrick Bergman)
214 – Dutch band Son Mieux (Photo: Derrick Bergman)
215 – Dutch band Son Mieux and Jorge Cervantes Diamonds plant (Photo: Derrick Bergman)
216 – The Boerejongens girls… (Photo: Derrick Bergman)
217 Emotional goodbyes in the VIP Lounge (Photo: Derrick Bergman)
218 – Spectacular sunset from the VIP terrace (Photo: Floris van Kooten)
219 – …and a perfect rainbow too, during Son Mieux’s final song (Photo: Derrick Bergman)
220 – DC Lama wishes everybody safe travels: see you next year! (Photo: Derrick Bergman)

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  • adam chapman 04/07/2017 at 5:22 pm Reply

    217 well them two ladies made me and anita very welcome they made sure anita was looked after all day theyhelpd us so much the story is so long i will leave that to anita to put up but everyone from my heart onelove and thanks you made two people very happy one love friends forever #BOEREJONGENS#AMSTERDAM GENETICS

  • Anita and Adam 04/07/2017 at 10:24 pm Reply

    I vote for Number 217 photo BEAUTIFUL SOULS
    This is my Soulmate and I . We were donated this holiday by AmsterdamGenetics as I was Robbed as I was boarding a Tram a couple of months prior . My clothes and Cancer Meds were gone as I fell , because I am living with Cancer and not to Strong . I made a Live link just to let people know to be aware so no one would have this happen to them. We get a Txt that night at the Hotel from Boerejongens saying could we meet them down stairs at 10,30 in the morning . That day we were taken straight to a Hire Shop for wheelchair and then taken to Boerejongens . In total Shock from there kindness . We were given Staff Hoodies lots of Cannabis_hasish from the second we got to the Coffee Shop we were Treated just like Royalty . Then when we were leaving to Fly home to UK after the few days we stayed. We took the chair to Boerejongens and we were met with the most kindest Gift that we have ever had . A fully paid holiday to Amsterdam and VIP on Liberation Day . To say that Adam and I enjoyed Liberation day is an understatement . To get a break from our reality we live in at home was something that will be etched in our HEART’S . #AmsterdamGenetics Not only is Amsterdam a Beautiful City AmsterdamGenetics Boerejongens are TRUE Souls that have become our family . June came Exixcited so much for Liberation Day . And what a day it was . WOW it was FANTASTIC . I just could not have been HAPPIER or PAIN FREE to be able to have that Special time in Amsterdam iif it wasn’t for these Beautiful Ladies and all the staff we didn’t meet . They made my Soulmate so Happy and nothing can buy that . I Thank you all so Deeply . Peace Hope strength Happiness Health Untity ✌

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