Cannabis Liberation Day 2017 photo selection: pick your favorite and win! PART 3

More photos of the glorious 9th edition of Cannabis Liberation Day, the VOC’s free protestival in Amsterdam’s Flevopark, on Sunday June 11. 

Photo contest
This is how it works: the official Cannabis Liberation Day 2017 photo selection consists of 220 pictures by seven photographers that will be published on the VOC website in eight parts in the coming days. Every photo has a number in the caption. After the eighth and final part is published, you can mail the number of your favorite picture to We will pick a lucky winner who will receive two VIP tickets for next year’s 10th anniversary edition on June 10, 2018.
For Part 1: click here
For part 2: click here

Cannabis Liberation Day 2017 official photo selection Part 3 of 8:

056 – Manu Moreau, one of the TUP3, at the Trekt Uw Plant Cannabis Social Club booth (Photo: Hanspij)
057 – Wernard ‘The Potfather’ Bruining presenting a masterclass on producing cannabis oil in the Cannabis University (Photo: Hanspij)
058 – Feel like jumping… (Photo: Rootsman Bob)
059 – Feel like lying down… (Photo: Rootsman Bob)
060 – Doede de Jong arrives with the traditional stage plant (Photo: Derrick Bergman)
061 – Heights Meditation singer Danny poses with friend (Photo: Rootsman Bob)
062 – Medical cannabis panel debate in the Cannabis University (Photo: Steef Fleur)
063 – Enjoying the sun and the vibes (Photo: Roelof Rump)
064 – Heights Meditation (Photo: Rootsman Bob)
065 – Heights Meditation (Photo: Rootsman Bob)
066 – Skanking to the reggae sounds… (Photo: Rootsman Bob)
067 – This visitor is a professional accountant (Photo: Roelof Rump)
068 – Heights Meditation (Photo: Rootsman Bob)
069 – Heights Meditation (Photo: Rootsman Bob)
070 – Heights Meditation (Photo: Rootsman Bob)
071 – Overview around 420… (Photo: Roelof Rump)
072 – Michka Seeliger-Chatelain, grande dame of the French cannabis and hemp movement, interviewed at the Cannabis University (Photo: Hanspij)
073 – Part of the Theaterstraat stage crew taking a break (Photo: Rootsman Bob)
074 – Heights Meditation (Photo: Rootsman Bob)
075 – Heights Meditation (Photo: Rootsman Bob)
076 – Outside view of the Cannabis University (Photo: Hanspij)
077 – The Hemp Market (Photo: Hanspij)
078 – Sharing is caring… (Photo: SIMM)
079 CBD oil for sale at the Hemp Market (Photo: Roelof Rump)
080 CBD oil, creme and hemp seed oil for sale at the Hemp Market (Photo: Roelof Rump)
081 Sharing is caring… (Photo: SIMM)
082 – Highlife Cannabis Cup and AC/DC plant in the VIP tent (Photo: Roelof Rump)
083 – Overview of the VIP Lounge (Photo: Rootsman Bob)


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