Cannabis Liberation Day 2017 photo selection: pick your favorite and win! PART 2

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June 28th, 2017 | 11:50
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Check out part 2 of the Cannabis Liberation Day 2017 Official Photo Selection. With pictures by Hanspij, Mauro Picavet, Rootsman Bob, Roelof Rump and Derrick Bergman.

Photo contest
This is how it works: the official Cannabis Liberation Day 2017 photo selection consists of 220 pictures by seven photographers that will be published on the VOC website in eight parts in the coming days. Every photo has a number in the caption. After the eighth and final part is published, you can mail the number of your favorite picture to We will pick a lucky winner who will receive two VIP tickets for next year’s 10th anniversary edition on June 10, 2018. Here’s part 2…

Cannabis Liberation Day 2017 official photo selection Part 2 of 8:

029 – World’s biggest cannabis leaf (Photo: Hanspij)

030 – Derrick Bergman and DC Lama opening the 9th Cannabis Liberation Day (Photo: Hanspij)

031 – Opening speech (Photo: Mauro Picavet)

032 – Derrick Bergman and Els Vermeersch, president of Belgian Cannabis Social Club Trekt Uw Plant, who recently spent over 2 weeks in jail (Photo: Mauro Picavet)


033 – Medical Cannabis Bike Tour contestants on the Hemp Market (Photo: Hanspij)

034 – Translation: “The unique Dutch invention of the coffeeshop should long ago have been declared the most important Dutch social innovation of the past half century” (Photo: Hanspij)

035 – VIP entrance and first aid tent (Photo: Derrick Bergman)

037 – WIET LINGO fundraising ball game at the VOC tent (Photo: Derrick Bergman)

037 – Jesus Evil Highway (Photo: Derrick Bergman)

038 – Canna ape (Photo: Hanspij)

039 – Touching moment during Jesus Evil Highway performance (Photo: Hanspij)

040 – Food and Drinks Area (Photo: Hanspij)

041 Jesus Evil Highway (Photo: Rootsman Bob)

042 – Jesus Evil Highway (Photo: Rootsman Bob)

043 – Jesus Evil Highway (Photo: Rootsman Bob)

044 – Jesus Evil Highway (Photo: Rootsman Bob)

045 – Jesus Evil Highway (Photo: Rootsman Bob)

046 – The CNNBS (formerly team in the VIP Lounge (Photo: Derrick Bergman)

048 – Crew member enjoying the sun (Photo: Roelof Rump)

049 – Sun, cannabis and country music… (Photo: Rootsman Bob)

050 – Chief sound engineer, Mister Theaterstraat, Reinier (Photo: Rootsman Bob)

051 Deluxe seating by official partner Canna (Photo: Rootsman Bob)

052 – Chilling out… (Photo: Rootsman Bob)

053 – The Hemp Market (Photo: Hanspij)

054 – Outside view of the new Cannabis University tent (Photo: Hanspij)

055 – The Dutch medical cannabis patients group PGMCG (Photo: Hanspij)


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