Cannabis Liberation Day 2017 photo selection: pick your favorite and win! PART 1

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June 27th, 2017 | 16:42
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We needed some time to recover from the busiest, hottest and most international Cannabis Liberation Day to date. With an estimated 11.000 visitors from all over Europe, the US, Russia and Mexico it makes sense to present the official photo selection in English. We’ve turned it into a contest this year… 

Cannabis Liberation Day 2017 wouldn’t have been possible without our main sponsor Amsterdam Genetics, our official partners Sensi Seeds, PCN, Canna and De Baron and our supporters Azarius, Discover publisher, G0NZ0 Media, Koffie & Dromen, Mascotte, Epicurus Foundation, TGC Trading, The Stud and Othala. A big thank you to all of them and to the incredible Cannabis Liberation Day crew, consisting of 60 volunteers. They worked for the plant as never before…

Photo contest
This is how it works: the official Cannabis Liberation Day 2017 photo selection consists of 220 pictures by seven photographers that will be published on the VOC website in eight parts in the coming days. Every photo has a number in the caption. After the eighth and final part is published, you can mail the number of your favorite picture to We will pick a lucky winner who will receive two VIP tickets for next year’s 10th anniversary edition on June 10, 2018. Here’s part 1, with pictures taken on the Friday and Saturday before the event…

Cannabis Liberation Day 2017 official photo selection Part 1 of 8:

001 – Crew dinner on Friday (Photo: Derrick Bergman)

002 – Empty field on Friday night (Photo: Derrick Bergman)

003 – Bruno and Mauro taking it easy (Photo: Derrick Bergman)

004 – Crew quarters on Friday night (Photo: Derrick Bergman)

005 – New crew members arriving on Saturday morning (Photo: Derrick Bergman)

006 – Time to get to work (Photo: Derrick Bergman)

007 – Saturday morning (Photo: Derrick Bergman)

008 – Event coordinator and VOC chairman Derrick Bergman in the backstage bus (Photo: Mauro Picavet)

009 – World’s biggest cannabis leaf (Photo: Derrick Bergman)

010 – High level meeting (Photo: Derrick Bergman)

011 – VOC tent and info tower (Photo: Derrick Bergman)

012 – Setting up the main stage (Photo: Derrick Bergman)

013 – Media coordinator Mauro Picavet (Photo: Derrick Bergman)

014 – Assembling the letters for the residents of the neighborhood (Photo: Derrick Bergman)

015 – Assembling world’s boggest cannabis leaf (Photo: Derrick Bergman)

016 – Has Cornelissen of Legalize! foundation Amsterdam (Photo: Derrick Bergman)

017 – Coffee break in the backstage bus (Photo: Derrick Bergman)

018 – Building the VIP Lounge (Photo: Derrick Bergman)

019 – VOC tent and info tower (Photo: Derrick Bergman)

020 – Almost ready… but not quite yet (Photo: Derrick Bergman)

021 – Assembling the ‘WIET LINGO’ fundraising game (Photo: Derrick Bergman)

022 – Says it all, really (Photo: Derrick Bergman)

023 – Crew T-shirts, courtesy of HoodLamb hemp wear Amsterdam (Photo: Derrick Bergman)

024 – Saturday night (Photo: Derrick Bergman)

025 – Exactly 18 hours before the start of the event (Photo: Derrick Bergman)

026 – Official Cannabis Liberation Day 2017 parking license (Photo: Derrick Bergman)

027 – VOC tent and info tower on Saturday night (Photo: Derrick Bergman)

028 – Crew barbecue on Saturday night (Photo: Derrick Bergman)



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