English info 5th annual Cannabis Liberation Day, Amsterdam, June 16th

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April 28th, 2013 | 20:22
Door webmaster

On Sunday June 16th, the VOC (Union for the Abolition of Cannabis Prohibition) presents the fifth edition of Cannabis Liberation Day, Holland’s biggest cannabis culture festival. Entrance is free!

Mail naar info@voc-nederland.org voor posters en flyers!

Mail naar info@voc-nederland.org voor posters en flyers!

Why go?
On Cannabis Liberationday we send a signal to all politicians: down with the tourist ban for coffeeshops and all other repressive measures against cannabis. It’s time for rational legalization. The more people turn up, the clearer the signal. Besides: a splendid time is guaranteed for all…

What’s on?
Apart from a full program with bands, speakers and Dj’s, there’s a hemp market, fresh food and drinks, Evert’s fabulous Vaporizers and a Cannabis Film Festival in Europe’s largest Ger tent. For the first time we’re hosting the Highlife Cannabis Cup ceremonies. Scroll down for full schedule of events.

Spread the word!
Please click on our Facebook Event Page and invite your friends, even if you can’t make it to Amsterdam.

Main sponsor Cannabis Liberation Day 2013

Main sponsor Cannabis Liberation Day 2013

You can contact us by mailing to info@voc-nederland.org or calling event coordinator and VOC spokesperson Derrick Bergman: 040-2572818 (from outside the Netherlands: 00-31-402572818)

How do I get there?
The event takes place in the wonderful ‘Cultuurpark Westergasfabriek‘ in Amsterdam. Take bus 21 from central station, get out at Van Hallstraat. Or take tram 10 from the city center and get out at Limburg van Stirumplein. Click here for the venue on OpenStreetMap.

Preliminary schedule of events:

Main stage:
14.00-14.05:    Opening
14.05-14.50:    DREADLESS
15.20-15.30:    Speaker: Chris Garrit (nightmayor of Groningen)
15.30-16.15:    DIRTY SOUL ROCKERS (UK)
16.45-16.55:    Speaker: Craig Reinarman (US)
16.55-17:45:    THE COSMIC CARNIVAL
18.20-18.30:    Speaker: Ben Dronkers (founder Hash Museum, Hempflax, Sensi Seeds)
18.30-18.45:    Highlife Cannabis Cup Ceremonies part 1
20.20-20.25:    Speaker: Doede de Jong (Holland’s best known cannabis grower)
20.25-20.40:    Highlife Cannabis Cup ceremonies part 2
20.40-20.45:    Speaker: Henk van Dalen (founder Dutch Passion)
20.45-22.00:    LUCKY FONZ IIICBD2013_sticker_small

Dj Stage:
14.50-15.20:    Back-a-Wall Soundsystem
16.15-16.45:    Dj Skunkstar (AU)
17.45-18.20:    Back-a-Wall Soundsystem
19.45-20.20:    Dj Skunkstar (AU)

Cannabis Film Festival:
Program to be announced…

See you in Amsterdam!


Dutch Passion hoofdsponsor Cannabis Bevrijdingsdag 2013

Dutch Passion hoofdsponsor Cannabis Bevrijdingsdag 2013

De VOC Blog

Welkom bij het VOC, dé koepel van alle organisaties en individuen in Nederland die gekant zijn tegen het verbod op cannabis. Repressie is dure en contraproductieve symboolpolitiek. Wereldwijd vindt het Nederlandse beleid van decriminalisering steeds meer weerklank. Het is tijd voor de volgende stap: cannabis uit de strafwet.